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Rethymno - Arkadi Monastery

We begin our tour of the monastery of Arkadi a historic symbol of national pride in the Cretan people against the Turkish rule. Located in a stunning location overlooking the Mediterranean sea.
We leave to Rethymnon, the Venetian Harbour and the famous Fortezza, whichstandson arockon the hill Paleokast roonthe west sideof town. The famous fortis 1307 meters long was the largest castle that the Venetians had built up in Crete and its constructionlastedfor  15 years (1537-1588).
At the foot of the Fortezza now stretches the old town with its quaint narrow streets and Venetian buildings, among which the most interesting monument inthe city, kept in excellent condition, the Loggia, built in the 16th century, today houses the Municipal Library.
Walking through the streets and round the city will enjoy our coffee and lunch.


Ρέθυμνο, εκδρομές
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εκδρομή στο Ρέθυμνο
Rethymno, pullman

Aptera - Argiroupolis - Kournas Lake - Georgioupolis

We start our tour from the old National Road to Chania, passing various villages before reaching the Argiroupoli. Argiroupolis is a village which combines unique natural beauty and history. The small picturesque waterfalls, wooden watermills and dense vegetation characteristic of the landscape. Continuing our tour we reach the lake Kournas that the depth of the towering White Mountains and the southeastern shore is covered with trees. 
Our ultimate destination is the seaside village of Georgioupolis has become a modern tourist resort is situated in a green area. In the beautiful seaside village flows Almiros river The archaeological site of Aptera is located 15 km southeast of Chania, near the village of Megala Chorafia. The Geometric period was an important city because of its position because it controlled trade and commercial activities.
The most important ruins are the Cyclops-like walls of the Doric city, tanks of the Roman period, the twin temple of the 5th-4th century, the tombs of Geometric years and some buildings of the Byzantine era.


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Chania, Tour of the Old Town - Tombs of Venizelos

The old town of Chania is built around the hill of Kastelli and on Minoan ruins of Cydonia. The city is surrounded by historic neighborhoods where they lived people of different nationalities, culture and religion. The monuments they left, gave Chania a special character.
We walk the narrow streets of old town, leading to the port. Specifically, we visit the Topanas district, located in the north of the city and lived during the Turkish wealthy Greeks. Walking the cobbled streets overlooking the old Venetian mansions and Turkish houses. Therein lies the Fort Firkas, while the streets of the neighborhood you will find shops with traditional handmade textiles and folk art.
Another interesting neighborhood is the Jewish Quarter. Therein lies the synagogue, the church of San Francesco and the Archaeological museum.
We visit also Stivanadika region, famous for its leather goods.There, we meet skillful manufacturers leads us in their art.
Departure for the Akrotiri, where the tombs of the Venizelos, with panoramic views of Chania.


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Heraklion - Knossos - Archaelogical Museum

We depart to the archaeological site of Knossos to admire the remains of thefamous Minoan palace of King Minos. Exciting myths of the Labyrinth with the Minotaur and Daedalus and Icarus, associated with the palace. The numerous findings of exceptional art, pottery, ware, figurines, the scripts of LinearB, and the original murals in the museum of Heraklion.
Then we are continuing our tour to Heraklion city, which holds the reputation as one of the most attractive cities in the Mediterranean. After passing the tomb of NikosKazantzakis, we will visit the Archaeological Museum located in Eleftherias Square, that stores the largest collection of monuments of ancient Cretan civilization and is considered one of the greatest museums in the world.


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Omalos - Samaria Gorge

We leave for praised Omalos. On the way, after passing by the orange-villages and village Lakki, we reach the southern part of the plateau in Xiloskalo, which is the main access-entry into the National Park of the White Mountains, the famous Gorge of Samaria.
From here you will admire the majestic and rugged landscape, in front of us opened the path that leads south of the gorge to Agia Rumeli.

Samaria excurcion
Agia Roumeli
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Omalos plateau
Walking through Samaria Gorge